OPIN Community

arriving in the near future

Potential initiators of digital youth participation projects often don‘t have enough experience, personnel and financial resources needed to plan and conduct a successful participation project. They need counselling and advice but can hardly afford costly services. It is important to offer them more possibilities to meet other successful professionals, practitioners’ networks and get more opportunities for exchange, inspiration, peer-learning and interaction.

An infrastructure for exchange and peer-to-peer-learning as well as for co-creation and optimization with regards to the platform OPIN can help. The OPIN Community addresses all these needs. It is innovative, as no comparable network exists in Europe. It is a permanent practitioners network consisting of youth organizations,
local municipalities, youth initiatives and administrational bodies who share an interest in digital youth participation and the use of a platform like OPIN.

The network will be open to all organizations and practitioners who are interested in the following objectives:

•  co-creation that enhances the further development and optimization of OPIN;
• participation in joint activities, like peer-learning and events;
• a forum in which they can give each other advice on their projects and benefit from experiences, tricks and learned lessons;
• meetings with other interested municipalities, youth organizations and practitioners to deliberate on experiences, needs and best practice ideas (in trainings and multiplier events).


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