Digital youth participation empowers young people to become active citizens from the local to European level. However, the positive effects only unfold when the participation process is run professionally – just to use digital tools is not enough to inspire young, administrations and youth organizations to collaborate. Unfortunately, potential initiators often lack the experience, personnel and financial resources needed to plan and conduct a successful e-participation project. This is a reason why first-time pilot projects may fail due to the many unknown challenges and pitfalls, leading to frustration among participants.

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “DIGY – Digital youth participation made easy” tackles this problem by delivering qualification and capacity building for initiators of digital youth participation projects. The e-learning materials designed will be integrated into the OPIN platform, a professional online toolbox for digital youth participation that is already available in 10 European languages. OPIN itself will be improved in its software components. Thus, the European-wide infrastructure for digital youth participation is strengthened and enriched by modules which increase the know-how on how to run a successful digital youth participation project on OPIN.


  1. Creation of the OPIN Community and OPIN Forum

DIGY will strengthen the network of motivated initiators on OPIN. Q&A Forum will be integrated for the initiators who want to answer each other’s and newbies’ questions. The roadmap will guide through the actual production and implementation process.

  1.   e-Learning Materials and Section

E-learning materials will be designed in order to give comprehensive insights in how to set up an eParticipation process and configure OPIN. text-based self-learning materials, podcasts on digital youth participation and online trainings. The materials, text-based self-learning materials, podcasts on digital youth participation and online trainings,  will be launched in a section on OPIN. 

  1.   Best Practices Examples

Best practice examples for eParticipation processes can give new users a clear idea of what to expect from eParticipation. For a new best practice section on OPIN materials (photos, texts and videos) will be created. The section will provide information and invite potential initiators to start a project after its launch.

  1.   Re-Design OPIN platform

OPIN’ s software components will be updated and the new sections for the community, e-learning and best practices will be integrated seamlessly into the platform to give the users an easy eParticipation experience.

  1.   2 Youth Pass Certified, face-to-face training sessions
  1.   4 local Multiplier events

After the production and activation of e-learning materials, best practice section and community DIGY’s achievements will be brought to a local level in multiplier events. The events will invite new initiators to get familiar with OPIN and start eParticipation projects. 

  1.   Transnational meetings with workshops


36 months
September 2019 – August 2022

The structure of the project is divided into 3 phases:

Concept phase: September 2019 – August 2020
Production phase: September 2020 – August 2021
Testing, launch and dissemination phase: September 2021 – August 2022


The project “DIGY – Digital youth participation made easy” is funded under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, grant Agreement No: 2019-1-DE04-KA205-017938


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