OPIN platform

OPIN is an all-in-one digital and mobile participation toolbox for youth organisations or public administrations. 

OPIN provides participation projects with a digital home. All stages of the project are transparent and supported by OPIN’s software: 

features for digital and mobile participation
intelligent community management
integration of offline events
multimedia information about your project 

The toolbox is developed to ensure quality participation by design. Concentrated practical tips and a decision support tool help to plan and find the right tools for your purpose.

The functionalities of OPIN include:

Text review (collaborative text work)
Brainstorming (collect ideas)
Idea challenges (collect ideas and vote)
Agenda setting (plan meetings)
Spatial tool (collect ideas referring to places on a map)
Polling (customizable multi-step polls)

Find out more: https://opin.me/en/