e-Learning Materials

arriving in the near future

With the creation of this Intellectual Output, we aim to tackle the need for qualification and capacity building in the field of digital youth participation. Although first materials and courses have been produced in the last years, there is still too little on the market to meet the high demand for high-quality and cost-efficient learning materials and trainings available in English and other languages. Also, a majority of existing tools and platforms for digital youth participation in Europe do not come along with a self-learning section which is specifically dedicated to enabling initiators to conduct a successful pilot project without further advice or trainings needed. With this Intellectual Output, we aim to provide exactly this.

Professionals with a strong interest in carrying-out digital youth participation will be able to educate themselves based on high-quality online learning materials designed from participation experts and practitioners for cost-free use and geared towards qualifying people simply interested in digital participation just as well as towards qualifying initiators on OPIN. This is the goal and innovative element of our planned project.