The innovative features developed on OPIN:


Section for Best Practice examples
The section for Best Practice examples bring together all different Best Practices from the platform. They are accessible in different languages and provide youth workers from different countries with guidance and orientation on how to conduct participation processes. It also provides a mechanism for youth workers as well as organisers to easily extend the examples based on a co-creation process.

Registration form and automated onboarding
The registration allows youth workers and organisers to easily request their individual organization space on OPIN. It provides them with the opportunity to hand in all the necessary information needed for setting up their organization space to get a quick reply. Thus, youth workers can start their projects without any delay and dive right in to
what is important: to set up digital youth participation processes.

A new form of presenting content on OPIN
In order to present new contents on OPIN, for example, information for the OPIN community as well as e-learning materials, a new form of presentation is needed that can be adapted to the different purposes of the platform. This new form will apply to the actions and improvements planned within the project frame. Furthermore, it can be easily usable
for new contents and further developments that happen after the project has ended.

Display of videos from pilot projects
The last part of the innovation is the implementation of a specific video display on OPIN. Via this function, the videos that are created by pilot projects and others are made easily accessible by the whole community as well as other projects that might be interested. It is also the means to attract youth workers to the platform, to inspire and integrate them smoothly into the aims and targets of OPIN.